Amazing Errors


By Aaron Nyman

The Adventists have at this writing (1912) for sixty-eight years proclaimed a message, to which they have given several names: The Third Angel's Message (Rev. 14: 6-12); The Prophetic Message; The Last Message of Grace; The Saving Message, etc., indicating that the prophecy is for the believers. They claim they have proved to the world that the second coming of our Lord is near at hand, and have had the audacity to call their teachings "the present truth," yea, the whole truth. When anyone departs this life, the death notices inform us, that the deceased died believing in the present truth, and also state when he accepted it. To believe in their doctrines means life according to the Adventists. But when anyone finds out, that their doctrines are wrong and leaves them, then he has abandoned "the present truth," and is considered as an enemy, having fallen from grace.

Members, who have left the Adventists, and who may be ever so godly, waiting for the coming of the blessed Lord, are excluded by the Adventists from the fold of Christ and are treated as enemies. We believe with St. Paul it is expedient to preach all the word of God, and among other doctrines also that of the second coming of Christ, one of the most glorious truths of the Gospel; but in doing so we should not base our preaching on a false foundation as we are going to show that the Adventists have done.

If these prophecies were not in perfect accord with historical facts, we could not do anything else but either believe or reject them; they would simply become a matter of faith. But now they are not based on our faith only, but upon biblical and historical facts. If, therefore, the reader wishes to familiarize himself with the contents in this book, let him take sufficient time to study it carefully with the Bible and the diagrams on the last pages of the book.

If he should encounter any points that are contrary to his previous belief, he should not pass hasty judgment, but study them over and over with this end in view, to find the truth.

Seventh-day Adventists of all shades! For your own welfare, lay aside the spirit of prejudice and seek the truth with reference to this subject and you will find that your prophetical structure has never had any real foundation, but has been, and is still, built upon sand.

My greatest desire is to make my arguments so plain and clear that anyone should be able to grasp and understand them. Then I have reached the goal to which I have been aiming. Even if I had the ability to express my thoughts in elegant and polished phrases I would refrain from doing so. When the common and plain reader understands what is said, the present writer will feel that he has succeeded in his efforts.

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