Commentary: General Conf. Session 2005: Sieze the Moment

By Brother Anderson, May 22, 2005

Someone once said, "Seize the opportunity of the moment during the moment of opportunity."

In July of 2005 the General Conference will have a "moment of opportunity" to undo more than a century of misinformation, double-talk, and confusion. The time has come for the SDA Church to admit that Ellen White was no more inspired than any other SDA religious leader. The time has come for the SDA Church to take its stand upon the Bible and Bible alone.

Now is the time for church leaders to come clean with the past, admit the wrongs that have been done, and set the SDA Church on the straight path again.

In order to accomplish this, we propose the SDA Church should do the following:

  1. Admit Ellen White is not the "Spirit of Prophecy" of Revelation.
  2. Admit that church leaders failed to provide members with adequate information regarding Ellen White's prophetic failures, plagiarism, and other activities which would prove to those members that she was not a prophet.
  3. Admit that church leaders attempted to cover-up and gloss over the mistakes made by Ellen White.
  4. Admit that the Investigative Judgment and 2300-year teachings cannot be supported from the Bible alone.
  5. Admit that the SDA Church is not the only church that makes up the "remnant church" of Bible prophecy.
  6. Admit that Walter Rea, Bruce Weaver, Desmond Ford, and others were dismissed unjustly for telling the truth. While these men of God are still alive and with us, let the SDA Church do all in its power to correct the vindictive course it has taken against these men whose only fault was in telling the truth at great personal cost to themselves and their families.
  7. Admit the White Estate has been presenting an unfair and unbalanced view of Ellen White, and has attempted to pressure and intimidate those that tried to present a more balanced viewpoint.

These admissions will go a long way to healing the wounds that have been caused by following a wrong course in regard to Ellen White.


If you are attending the 2005 General Conference session, take these 7 points with you and present them to your leaders. Let's get a discussion on this issue started. Together, with God's help, we can make the SDA Church a better church.

Dirk Anderson

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