Clifford Goldstein's Graffiti in the Holy of Holies REFUTED

Editor's note (6/27/2005): By request we have assembled a collection of materials that refute the claims made in Clifford Goldstein's Graffiti and the SDA DARCOM report. Some links will take you to external web sites.

Response to Graffiti by Dale Ratzlaff, author of Cultic Doctrine (pdf)

SDA Sanctuary Teaching Examined by E.S. Ballenger

The 2300-day Dilemma Refutes Clifford Goldstein's 1844 Made Simple

1844 - Is It Prophetic? by Dr. Robert Brinsmead

Questions on the Book of Daniel Asked to Eminent Historicists by Eduardo Martínez-Rancaño,

Did Mrs. White Misinterpret her Own Visions? by Dirk Anderson

Scholarly analysis by Dr. Fred Mazzaferri refuting DARCOM

Was Daniel a Historicist? An examination of the year-day principle. (pdf)

Hebrews 6:19 An examination of Hebrews 6:19. (pdf)

Seventh-day Adventism's Dogma of an Investigative Judgment through Ellen White's Eyes (pdf)

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