See Rev. 18th Ch. 4th V.

By John Craig.
While I was down in Egypt's land,
I heard my Saviour was at hand;
The midnight cry was sounding,
And I wanted to be free,
So I left my former brethren
To sound the jubilee.
They said that I had better stay
And go with them in their old way;
But they scoff at my Lord's coming--
With them I could not agree,
And I left their painted synagogue
To sound the jubilee.
Then soon I joined the Advent Band,
Who just came out from Egypt's land;
They were on the road to Canaan,
A blest praying company,
And with them I am proclaiming
That this year's the jubilee.
They call us now a noisy crew,
And say they hope we'll soon fall thro';
But we now are growing stronger,
Both in love and unity,
Since we left old mystic Babylon
To sound the jubilee.
We're now united in one band,
Believing Christ is just at hand
To reward his faithful children
Who are glad their Lord to see;
Bless the Lord our souls are happy
While we sound the jubilee.
Though opposition waxes strong,
Yet still the battle won't be long;
Our blessed Lord is coming,
"His glory we shall see;"
Keep up good courage brethren--
This year's the jubilee.
If Satan comes to tempt your mind,
Then meet him with these blessed lines,
Saying, "Get behind me, Satan,"
I have naught to do with thee;
I have got my soul converted,
And I'll sound the jubilee.
The battle is not to the strong,
The weak may sing the conqueror's song;
I've been through the fiery furnace,
And no harm was done to me,
I came out with stronger evidence
This year's the jubilee.
A little longer here below,
And home to glory we will go;
I believe it! I believe it!
Hallelujah, I am free
From all sectarian prejudice--
This year's the jubilee.
We'll soon remove to that blest shore,
And shout and sing forever more,
Where the wicked cannot enter
To disturb our harmony;
But we'll wear the crowns of glory
With our God eternally.
Under Oath or Under Inspiration - Who to Believe?