The Great Controversy Manuscript

By Walter Rea Feb., 1983



Chapters 1 - 3 Virtually all the material in pages 28-36 of the Great Controversy [herafter, GC] has been condensed from Josephus. Chapters 2 & 3 follow J.N. Andrews' book History of the Sabbath.

Chapter 4 Mrs. White is indebted to J.N. Andrews' History of the Sabbath, as well as his articles in the early Reviews. J.A. Wylie, Daniel March, and others were used.

Chapter 5 D. 'Aubigne and other others furnished material.

Chapter 8 D. 'Aubigne and others.

Chapter 15 Uriah Smith's Daniel and Revelation.

Chapter 18 Memoirs of William Miller by Sylvester Bliss and Life Incidents by James White.

Chapter 19 Primarily Bible texts (35 texts in 11 pages).

Chapter 20 Authors Joseph Wolff, W.H.D. Adams, and L. Gaussen furnished material.

Chapter 21 Early Review articles by J.N. Andrews and Uriah Smith.

Chapter 22 Early Review articles by J.N. Andrews and Uriah Smith.

Chapter 23 Early Review articles by James White, J.N. Andrews and Uriah Smith (from his book The Sanctuary).

Chapter 24 James White's Life Incidents.

Chapter 25 & 26 J.N. Andrews' History of the Sabbath, and his early Review articles.

Chapters 28, 29 & 36 Various Review articles, some by James White, but most by J.N. Andrews, from 1851 to 1856.

Chapters 27 &34 Mostly Bible texts and material from early Reviews.

Chapter 28 A replay of the early works of Uriah Smith and J.N. Andrews.

Chapter 29 A study done at Pacific Union College by Ruth Elizabeth Burgeson, 1957, showed similarities to John Milton's Paradise Lost.

Chapter 30 Most thoughts come from Henry Melvill's Book of Sermons, 1846.

Chapter 32 Expansion on earlier writings

Chapter 35 Henry Melvill and J.N. Andrews.

Chapter 37 Henry Melvill.

Chapter 39 & 40 J.N. Andrews' early Review articles, Uriah Smith's Thoughts Critical and Practical on the Book of Revelation, and non-Adventist Daniel March.

Chapter 42 Pioneer articles in the Review and Present Truth. Also, James White, J.N. Andrews, and non-Adventists Melvill and March.

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