Walter Rea Letter

By Walter Rea, September 1, 2004


Dear Friends:

Twenty-five years have come and gone since a meeting was called to examine the material that had been covered up by the SDA Church for over one hundred years concerning the work of Ellen G. White, the Adventist so-called Spirit of Prophecy. Because many of the new membership of the Church have not been given the facts of results of that meeting, it was thought that those interested should be brought up to date. Therefore, in this material the different numbers will show:

  1. It had been known by many for over one hundred years that the books and writings of Ellen White were taken from the works of other authors. The Jan. 1980 [Glendale] meeting proved that such was true.
  2. Because the Church leaders did not keep their word as they promised, I released the material and was terminated for that reason. After two years without pay or medical, the Church settled for a small amount for back pay with some conditions.
  3. Records of that time will show that I was trying to work within the system but did not realize that the system could and would be dishonest.
  4. Study will show that even Fred Veltman’s study did not show the large amounts of other material that was used, such as chapter five found in Desire of Ages, which was not included in his study. This chapter alone showed that perhaps as much as 80 to 90 percent was copy work.
  5. President Neal Wilson denied that I was going to be fired, but said the concern was that I was telling others what I had found. The committee that had reviewed the material had said it was startling. I thought that the purpose of the meeting was to inform the membership.
  6. I was never allowed to defend my actions or have a fair hearing; was never given a written statement which explained why I was fired.
  7. After I was fired, Ron Graybill, associate secretary of the E.G. White Estate, in a morning worship service at the General Conference revealed much, much more than was shown in the Glendale 1980 meeting, proving once and for all time that my research was correct and that I was fired for telling the truth about Ellen White. The leaders even to this day do not want the people that pay their bills to know the true facts, which is that Ellen White was human and got her information from other humans, but wanted all to believe that God told her where to find those facts and ideas and inspiration from others.

Only the future life will tell us how many men have been marked and destroyed by the Church leaders because they could not believe the White lie. If I have made mistakes, it was not that the facts and material that was discovered by others were wrong, but that I committed two great errors, one that you never question or go against the devines in any religious system and two, you never question the system or its promoted ‘truth’. History will show that more have been destroyed one way or another for these two reasons than for any other. It is very hard to teach people that the thought that the foundation of any religion is not men or prophets or ‘truth’ but living and showing that love to one another.



Walter T. Rea

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