Mysterious Unpublished Writings: What Else Are They Hiding?

By Brother Anderson

Eyewitness Account #1

September, 2000, via e-mail from a former theology student at Andrews University

I spent many hours in the Vault at Andrews University and was wanting to find any statements about the manipulation of species. I lost all of my research a few years back in a move from West Germany and it hurts when you consider hindsight!

I was tempted to take a camera in, but they were watching every moment! I remember seeing a hand written script! A letter of some sort! This letter was describing the laboratories and the instruments within!

It's been since 1982 - 1984 a long time ago! I wish I could aid you! I was looking for some E.G. White comments through the Internet and stumbled upon your site! I was amazed to see the information there!

I can remember reading the handwritten articles concerning the "Antediluvian People"! It is not published in any of her works or writings approved by the Organization. The papers were so frail / flimsy - I can remember the secretary looking over my shoulders a few times and I became angry and asked why the security! And they told me that the papers were so old they did not want to destroy the property or condition! That's why everything was copied to disk! But I wanted to know why the statements of labs were not mentioned, and they just kept changing the subject! I went back years later and they would not even let me in the Vault!

[name withheld by request]

Eyewitness Account #2

October, 2001 via e-mail

Please do not use my name. Approximately in 1986 a friend of mine with the initials P.O. was doing some research in the E.G. White vault at Andrews. While he was down in the vault, one of our professors, Dr. Bachiocchi, was in the vault at the same time. Dr. B. motioned for him to come over and in his gregarious way, he showed P.O. an unpublished quote from E.G. that went into greater detail regarding the amalgamation of man and beast. In this letter or whatever, she said that the negro race came from the amalgamation of man and ape. But she said the negroes were "now fully human" and were to be treated as such. If Dr. Bachiocchi knows about this quote, how many more theologians are aware of it? It is dishonest for them not to realize the incredible impact of those incredible words....Thank you for your scholarship! Best wishes...

[name withheld by request]

Response received via e-mail from Dr. Bacchiochi:

Hi Dirk:

Thank you for your inquiry. The allegation reported is totally false. I am not aware of any unpublished manuscript of Ellen White containing a statement about the origin of the negro race from the amalgamation of men with beasts. I do not deal with the manuscripts of Ellen White. I deal with the Biblical text. I have never discussed this question with any person in the E. G. White Estate. The whole story is a pure fabrication by someone who wants to defame me.

Christian regards
Samuele Bacchiocchi, Ph. D

Reward Offered

If you can obtain a photo-copy or cell-phone picture of unreleased Ellen White documents, please e-mail us. If the material can be used on our web site, we will pay you for your efforts. Of particular interest:

  • Unreleased statements about Amalgamation
  • Unreleased statements involving racist remarks
  • Unreleased false prophecies regarding the return of Christ held in the vault of the Union College Library in Lincoln, Nebraska

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