White Out

Third Edition Published in 2004 by Dirk Anderson

Comments from Readers
--Dale Ratzlaff, Life Assurance Ministries, USA

"I got White Out and have read more than half of it. Very good."
--Professor Brito, Brazil

"The book was excellent and one of the best I have read so far."
--B.C., Finland

The untold story of how a prophetess’s failed visions, mistaken prophecies, and embarrassing blunders were covered up and concealed by her followers.


  1. A Prophet Amongst Prophets - The little known story of how William Foy and other "prophets" shaped and molded the early career of the young and impressionable Ellen Harmon.

  2. A Disappointing Start - The rarely told story of Ellen White's early prophetic career. Learn about the failed predictions that have been concealed for many years.

  3. The Shut Door Prophetess - You will be amazed as you witness Mrs. White convincing early believers the door of salvation is shut based upon her prophetic visions. Find out how these visions were later suppressed. Includes many eyewitness accounts.

  4. The Israel Dammon Trial - Learn the surprising details of Mrs. White's involvement with fanaticism during her early career.

  5. The Turner Incident - Learn the unlikely source for Ellen White's teachings about the Sanctuary.

  6. The Prophet's Wrath - How did Ellen White treat those who questioned her?

  7. Civil War Prophetess - It was the most profound event in her lifetime. Did she receive any light from God on the U.S. Civil War?

  8. Health Reform or Health Myth? - Find out why Mrs. White's first book on health reform was a dismal failure, and why it was removed from print.

  9. More Disappearing Books - One would think that a prophet's books would be a treasured possession! Find out why these books were so controversial that they had to be removed from print.

  10. The Great Controversy Myth - She says it came to her in a vision from God. Why is the book so similar to a book named The Great Controversy published by H.L. Hastings six months prior to the publication of her book?

  11. Prophetess at War - Ellen White was at war with Christian churches. Learn the truth about the Sunday Law doctrine and how it was concocted.

  12. Alterations, Revisions, and Changes - The story of how a prophet's sacred writings were modified and edited. Find out why those changes were necessary.