White Out (3rd edition)
Published 2010 by Dirk Anderson

It is not easy being a prophet. Especially when your followers expect you to be able to detect falsehood, accurately predict the future, and correctly interpret the Bible.

Being a prophet is difficult enough, without the extra burden of having serious health problems caused by a childhood brain injury. Yet Ellen White accepted the prophetic calling. She never could have done it alone. In fact, she had plenty of help in her prophetic work. Her close associates were instrumental in hiding her mistakes, glossing over her blunders, covering up her faulty visions, and "whiting-out" her failed predictions.

Chapter Titles

  1. A Prophet Amongst Prophets
  2. A Disappointing Start
  3. The Shut Door Prophetess
  4. The Israel Dammon Trial
  5. The Turner Incident
  6. The Visions Become a Test
  7. The Prophet's Wrath
  8. Civil War Prophetess
  9. Health Reform or Health Myth?
  10. More Disappearing Books
  11. Reversal on the Judgment
  12. Prophetess at War
  13. Early Writings Fiasco
  14. Jesus a Lesser Deity?
  15. A Straight Line of Truth?
  16. The Plan of Redemption
  17. Omitted by Angels
  18. Alterations, Revisions, Changes