Beware This Cult!

Chapter 23 - Ellen White's Defenders

By Gregory G. P. Hunt, M.D., B.Sc., F.R.C.P.

Even I have to admit that some of Ellen White's writings are beautiful. After reading one of her good books like "Desire of Ages", a very well done book on the life of Christ, it is hard to imagine that she could write the collection of garbage that has been exposed in my book. It is easier to understand however once it is realized that she has copied most of her 'beautiful' works. In fact this is what really gives Ellen White away as a false prophet. She could not separate the good works of her contemporaries from the nonsense.

Her book "The Great Controversy" was the first of her writings that I read. This very long book does a superb job of exposing the atrocious history of the Catholic Church and the pope. As a Catholic, all this new information made me very angry and set me up nicely to become a victim of the Seventh-day Adventists. The emotionalism became overwhelming and I certainly was recruited during a very difficult period of my life. During my early months with the Adventists I experienced a deep depression; I was unable to practice medicine for three months. This most painful period of my life turned out to be one of my best learning experiences. In many ways it was really a blessing in disguise and has enabled me to have more insight into other people's problems, making me much more competent at helping them.

Had Ellen White written as a common author there would really be no problem. But she is considered to be a prophet of God according to the Adventist Church - 'their prophet'. This means that anything an Adventist reads from her pen is a direct message from God. Her explanation of each Bible passage forever closes the door to the Adventist as to the true meaning of that Bible passage. Her word is final. Most Adventists don't read the Bible; like the rest of us they are lazy and besides they have a prophet who has explained everything for them. There is no need to open the Bible and think for themselves.

Many defenders of Ellen White will use her philosophy about her own writings. They will claim her writings to be a 'lesser light leading to a greater light' - the Bible. For most Adventists this is absolutely false for these reasons I have just mentioned. With 69 books by Ellen White herself, and the barrage of other Adventist reading material, it is almost impossible to devote any time to the Bible itself.

I have had some Adventists tell me that they cannot understand the Bible and therefore need Ellen White's explanations. I would say to those people that perhaps God doesn't expect you to understand everything in the Bible. Maybe the discovery of little bits of Bible meaning each time you read it is to be a joy for you too. God can't work on your mind with a Bible passage if you have already settled on someone else's meaning.

Unlike Ellen White's books, this writing is not inspired. I am sure there is considerable error in my beliefs and how I have tried to express them on paper. However, even an Adventist would have to admit that my logic and common sense are both good. Common sense is a commodity totally lacking with Ellen White.

Several other critics of Ellen White have caused great activity among Adventist theologians. Energetic attempts have been made in the past to answer criticism and have met with varying degrees of success. Some other critics did not have my advantage of being an insider and living as an Adventist for sometime. They cannot understand the practical consequences of erroneous Adventist beliefs as I do. This makes my writings rather different, many criticisms I have exposed in this book I believe to be original.

Despite a few errors here and there, I don't think the Adventist hierarchy can produce a reasonable response to most of my arguments. Ellen White's words speak for themself and she has said enough for any jury to hang her.

Some defenders will say that Ellen White indicated that people like myself would come along. Ellen White has talked about every subject imaginable and she certainly was not foolish enough to neglect this one. There was a considerable number of skeptics in the Adventist Church at the time of Ellen White who needed to be chided regularly by her remarks. She knew that many people would be able to see through her nonsense and she was not very ingratiating towards them. Consider these words meant particularly for people like me. "As the storm approaches, a large class who have professed faith in the third angels message, but have not been sanctified through obedience to truth, abandon their position and join the ranks of the opposition … Men of talent and pleasing address who once rejoiced in the truth, employ their powers to deceive and mislead souls. They become the most bitter enemies of their former brethren. When sabbath keepers are brought before the courts to answer for their faith, these apostates are the most efficient agents of Satan to misrepresent and accuse them, and by false reports, and insinuations to stir up the rulers against them." (Great Controversy p. 533) Any Adventist can quote you many similar passages from Ellen White indicating that her exposers are tools of Satan. The reader of this book will have to decide who was really under the direction of Satan. Several Adventists have already told me their verdict. I do hope they will consider all the evidence I have produced here.

During my striving against Ellen White's philosophy I have often been told; "Just speak about Jesus Christ and forget Ellen White. This is very good advice but in the Adventist Church there is no possible way to forget about Ellen White. The Bible studies are dominated by her interpretations; sermons contain several of her quotes, and Adventist literature is punctuated by her sayings. Ellen White becomes a way of life to the Adventist. Unfortunately her teachings contradict God's word and it isn't very easy to 'just forget her'. You can't teach Jesus Christ and Ellen White!

Some Adventists who have really been threatened by my exposure of Ellen White have had to resort to the ultimate defense. "He's crazy. He's always causing trouble, don't listen to him." It is surprising how effective this argument can be. When one respects the person giving this argument and knows little about the agitator, it is very easy advice to accept. This type of person is about to be plunged into the horrors of Seventh Day Adventism. He faces only two possibilities; either a long and painful struggle out of the cult, or a blissful state of delusion and self-righteousness. The latter enables him to intimidate other would be victims and satisfy his appetite for power by attacking true Christians from every other denomination.

As an Adventist, I myself went through both of these processes. Fortunately the counterfeit security offered by Adventism could not satisfy my emotional needs for long. It is this basic need and yearning for the peace of God, that has been implanted in us all, that finally made it possible for me to be freed from the Adventist cult. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free". God certainly kept that promise to me.

Many Adventists will say that Ellen White brought them to Jesus Christ. Because of this, they would defend her to the bitter end. This is the type of mentality which leads to mass suicide as we have recently witnessed under the direction of another false, prophet, Jim Jones. I have already shown in another chapter where it is quite conceivable that Adventists are setting themselves up for mass suicide in the future. They leave themselves no way out of Ellen White's doctrines. This is not an impossible event; I know several who would probably die for Ellen White as they would consider this equivalent to being martyred for God.

To those that insist that Ellen White lead them to Christ, I would offer this thought. If you were truly searching for God, and you probably were, you would have found Him just as easily if you had never heard of Ellen White. As things are now, you must contend with all the stumbling blocks that have been scattered by Ellen White. Since you are following a false prophet, your prognosis is not very hopeful. Ellen White's most avid defenders must include Adventist pastors and employees of her estate. These people are not about to give up their livelihood by admitting she is a false prophet. Likewise, Adventist teachers must stand by her. After all, it would be rather difficult to get a teaching job elsewhere; their security would disappear.

Consider all the books to be produced and sold to her victims in future. Despite being dead 65 years, the managers of her estate are endlessly coming up with new editions and even new books from her massive writings. They plan on cashing in on the bonanza as long as it lasts. Vast sums of money are involved and they are not going to give that up!

Other Adventists will say "Ellen White is dead, why don't you leave her alone? Why don't you just take the good stuff she has written and forget about the garbage?" I think I have already answered this objection. If Ellen White is a true prophet, and you believe that, you are not allowed to leave the 'garbage'. You must believe everything she says as being just as authoritative as any passage from the Bible. You cannot pick and choose what you like and what you wish to ignore. This in fact, is what most Adventists end up doing in an attempt to have their cake and eat it too. Studying the behavior of any Adventist will betray the fact that he does not really believe she is a true prophet, deep down in his heart.

Becoming rather frantic, some Adventists will say that I am tearing down something very near and dear to the hearts of many people. They challenge me by asking what I can provide instead. The Bible and its gospel message should be quite sufficient for anyone. Yes, I suppose many people would be tempted to turn their backs on God if they find out their idol is a false prophet. Certainly this is very unfortunate but the blame for this must be laid at the feet of the false prophet. I do not accept the responsibility for this drastic reaction. At least these people will not lead others into the Adventist trap. And besides, we must have enough faith that God will provide reconciliation. In fact we can rest assured that He will, if the person was sincere in the first place.

The other classical defense of Ellen White is the idea that anyone who renounces her teachings commits a sin against the Holy Spirit. I must admit that this has been an extremely effective tool to intimidate by guilt those who are questioning Ellen White. However in a state of panic, this ploy is drastically overused and soon becomes obvious to the intended victim. It certainly has no effect if the candidate is studying his Bible.

Adventists believe that they are the reincarnation of Elijah. They believe they have a comparable mission prior to the second advent, to the mission of John the Baptist just before Jesus’ first advent. In fact many Adventists try to copy John the Baptist. The closest they can come to this is by becoming vegetarian. We have already seen that this is based on a misunderstanding of the Bible. Adventists defend Ellen White on the grounds that she is taking part in the fulfillment of prophecy of Elijah and John the Baptist. This is a source of much of their conceit and self-righteousness.

Seventh Day Adventism cannot survive without Ellen White. Once an Adventist realizes that she is a false prophet, other Adventist doctrines go one by one. I must admit that the most difficult doctrines to shake are the sabbath and the idea of unclean meats. The topic of unclean meats I have not discussed specifically because it would be a repeat of much of what was said about meat and alcohol.

There are a lot of extremely intelligent people who consider Ellen White a true prophet and the thought of reading a book such as this would be unbearable for them. This defense mechanism is very strong indeed and is one that I cannot hope to overcome. I can write the book and produce all the evidence but there is no way I can force these people to read it. Only a genuine miracle from God can cover that situation. There are some people whom I want desperately to read this book. Please pray with me that this miracle will happen and that they will be freed from the yoke of Seventh-day Adventism.

Some may say, "You have destroyed our faith in Seventh Day Adventism; where can we go now? All those other churches have so much error too." If you have been proselytized from another denomination, perhaps your original church doesn't appear so horrible now in comparison, despite your knowing all its shortcomings. Realizing how you have been duped, it may now be quite possible for you to feel quite comfortable in your original church home. Failing this I'm sure you can find a denomination which is close to most of your beliefs. However, one must be realistic and recognize that no church has all the truth -- that will come on schedule in God's own good time.

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