Beware This Cult!

Chapter 24 - To My Friends

By Gregory G. P. Hunt, M.D., B.Sc., F.R.C.P.

This book I believe has been very successful in discrediting Ellen White as a prophet of God. I believe that anyone who reads it will be protected from joining the Adventist Church unless he has already been severely brainwashed. I also hope that it will free many sincere people who are now suffering the yoke of Seventh Day Adventism. The beginnings of this book have already set several Adventists free long before I made the decision to produce a book. I am thankful to God for that and have been greatly encouraged by these results so far.

It is not easy to pour one's guts out on paper for the world to see. I do not relish the idea of my friends being made more aware of my stupid mistakes. However if only a few learn from my blunders, that will be consolation enough.

Many people who know me might well remark to themselves how my writings are a bunch of nonsense to them. Many will say "I know him, he is a bigger sinner than I am." For those who do not know me personally, let me state that I agree with this observation. Like the apostle Paul, I must admit to being a chief of sinners.

One of the heaviest burdens for any Christian is the worry that he might be a stumbling block for others. The only reason for so much disbelief in the world today is the repulsive feelings produced in a non believer as he observes the behavior of a professed Christian. It is a fact of life that all Christians will at sometime be stumbling blocks for others.

This must be counter-balanced with the hope that a believer can offer to the skeptic. If we do not have the hope of eternal life offered by Jesus Christ, then what is the purpose of this life? Is our philosophy to be "eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die"?

To qualify for eternal life and the peace offered by Jesus Christ one must be a saint. Please do not let this, term 'saint' frighten you. There is really only one difference between a saint and one who is lost. Both are sinners. But a saint has his sins covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. God will happily accept Jesus' sacrifice as total payment for all of your sins. To qualify as a saint, all you need to do is believe. What do you have to lose?

After realizing how good God has been to you, a thankful heart will then change your life and instill in you love for your neighbor; and your enemy. This is God's plan. It is so simple that many people cannot accept it. Many feet they have to do something fantastic or pay their way in order to obtain any of God's gifts. This is the devil's greatest deception.

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