Great Controversy Notes

Chapter 15 - The Bible and the French Revolution - Pages 265-288 (1911)

by Walter Rea

This chapter is a follow-up from the "Spirit of Prophecy", Volume 4, Chapter XI, "The Two Witnesses". The original six pages and ten bible texts have been expanded to 36 texts and 24 pages with twenty references from other sources. In the "Summer 1972 Spectrum", there was a report of a paper by Ronald Graybill. A research assistant at the White Estate entitled, "How Did Ellen White Choose and Use Historical Sources? The French Revolution Chapter of Great Controversy." In the study he shows that the literary source for the chapter on the French Revolution was not a collection of historians, whether good ones or poor ones, but primarily one writer, Uriah Smith. His "Thoughts on Daniel and Revelation" was the basic source for the chapter. Every time Smith deleted material, she deleted the same material. Although occasionally she deleted more, she even used the quotations in exactly the same order on pages 275 and 276. He concluded that there can be no doubt that she drew the historical quotations from Smith, not from the original works. His articles made it clear that the chapter on the French Revolution was not untypical at all, but that Ellen White was continuing with this chapter the pattern of the whole book the "Great Controversy."

Thus it is not thought necessary to do comparisons as this work can be obtained from the White Estate showing as does the whole of this study that the additions of this chapter and it's expansion did not come from additional "visions" or "revelations" but from the continual use of material from others.

GREAT CONTROVERSY, Chapter 15, Pages 563-581,

Spirit of Prophecy, Volume 4, Chapter 3, by Ellen G. White

SERMONS, Volume 2, Pages 95-110 - 1851, by Henry Melvill

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