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Bible Truth vs SDA Truth

Welcome to Bible Truth versus Adventist Truth Challenge

Are you ready to accept the Challenge?

Please click on one of the 12 studies below to begin your journey.

1. Three Angels' Messages
2. Identity of the Remnant
3. Tithing
4. Investigative Judgment
5. Sanctuary and Dan. 8:14
6. 2300 days and 1844
7. Sabbath as Seal of God
8. Mark of the Beast
9. The Millennium
10. Ellen G. White
11. Vegetarianism
12. Dangers!

Instructions: These 12 easy-to-read studies contain color-coded sections to help you understand the difference between Bible Truth and Seventh-day Adventist Truth

Section 1 - Explains the SDA Teaching and why it is taught        

Section 2 - Shows the problems/errors with the SDA Teaching

Section 3 - Shows what the Bible teaches on the subject          

Section 4 - Your questions answered                                              

Section 5 - Links for deeper study                                                    

www.nonegw.org www.amazingfiction.org www.cog7.org

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