Links for Studying Seventh-day Adventism

Links below are listed alphabetically. They provide research into Ellen White and the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. does not necessarily endorse all the material or teachings on these web sites.

www.amazingfiction.orgAmazing Fiction - Challenges SDA truth about Bible prophecies in Daniel and Revelation


Babylon Forsaken Info about Ellen White and SDA doctrines.

www.cog7.orgChurch of God (seventh day) - A New Covenant Church for Sabbath keepers


Cult or Christian? Does Seventh-day Adventism Teach the Trinity? Brother Anderson's personal collection of 1,500 web pages of material on Ellen White.


ExAdventist An examination of SDA Teachings by former SDA pastor J. Mark Martin of Ellen White

Examine the SDA Church by Rolaant McKenzie

Exposing Seventh-day Adventism by Russell Earl Kelley, Ph.D.

Forum for Former Adventists

Good News Unlimited (USA) Research on the SDA teachings of the Investigative Judgment and the Sanctuary. (Dr. Desmond Ford)
Click here for the Australian Good News web site

Life Assurance Ministries Former SDA minister Dale Ratzlaff's web site. Ratzlaff is the author of the book that is shaking Adventism: Cultic Doctrine of the Seventh-day Adventists.

MacGregor Ministries Check out their video on Seventh-day Adventism and Ellen White!

Resources for members and former members of restrictive religious groups

Sabbatismos by Joe and Jennifer Rector

The Shaking of Adventism by Geoffrey J. Paxton

Truth or Fables by former SDA elder Robert K. Sanders, debunks the myth of Ellen White.

What SDA's Need to Know by former SDA Janet Brown

1919 Bible Conference Report Entire 1919 report available in the General Conference Archives. (Requires downloadable plug-in DjVu to view).

Foreign Language Links

Ellen G. White Research in SPANISH (ESPAÑOL) The truth about the SDA Church in Spanish (ESPAÑOL)

Ellen White Research in DUTCH

Ellen White Research in FRENCH

Ellen G. White Research in HUNGARIAN


Other Recommended Christian Sites

American Family Association - Battling for decency in society

Bible Facts

Blue Letter Bible

Chick Publications Info on Islam, Masonry, Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and much more.

Christian Answers Answers to difficult questions about the Bible, and much, much more.

Christian Broadcasting Network Newsstand

The Divine Evidence Defends the Bible, the historicity of Jesus, and more.

Focus on the Family A great Christian family site

The Institute for Creation Research Refutes evolutionary theories

Reaching Catholics An Evangelical outreach to Catholics

Members for Church Accountability

Spectrum Magazine Forward-thinking, scholarly Adventist periodical.

Take a Stand Ministries Discussion of issues such as Spiritual Warfare, New Age, Cults, Prophecy...

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